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1) MARLINS Language

MARLINS stands for Marine English Language Testing System which is an online platform for testing the communication skills of seafarers. Effective Communication plays a major role in the shipping industry as it is a globalized structuring and has the involvement of seafarers and ship passengers throughout the world bringing in a globalized economic & political framework. Thus a common language is very essential to address people from various cultures, countries & languages throughout the world. MARLINS platform refers to the study of English language used by seafarers onshore and offshore & by individuals working in the shipping industry. Our expertise at AMMESS possesses high level of teaching skills to motivate our students & provide them the knowledge of the Maritime English terminology & unfamiliar phraseology which is a challenge for candidates to crack. Faculties at AMMESS are well-versed to give coaching on the 5 different sub-varieties of Marine English – English for Navigation & Maritime Communications, English for Maritime Commerce, English for Marine Law, Marine Engineering & Marine Ship Building.


The International English Language Testing System is a test platform that is accepted globally for studies & work abroad. IELTS acts as a proficiency proof for countries worldwide and is jointly owned by The British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment & IDP Education Australia. The Academic IELTS is required for admissions to abroad universities and colleges while the General Training IELTS is intended for employment abroad & for immigration purposes. Our team provides coaching for IELTS for study, work & immigration & we take care that every student gets & maintains a consistent score in all sections of IELTS so that the candidates are able to make up an excellent overall aggregate that in turn increases their opportunity for employment & study options abroad. ‘Individual attention’ is provided wherein we analyse their communicative skills & correct each one tracking their areas of difficulty.


Immigration trends in Germany have been on the peak for the past many years & up the line in the present scenario, making it one among the most sorted out destinations in the world for migration. Germany is a country that offers strong economic stability, best education system, highly paid employment options & better lifestyle. This is also a country that promotes free education to the maximum. Recently, Germany has introduced investor programmes to help investors with better study & work options. Know-how & learning of the German language is very essential in order to get into good educational institutions and employment as their mode of communication is German. We, at AMMESS provide the best coaching for German learning with the best faculties in hand to take classes for German language. Our expertise is such that we adopt the practical training methodology wherein our students know how & when to use the language according to the circumstance. We at AMMESS help them to clear their interview gaining a high profile for communication in German language.


The English language plays a significant role in every walk of our life these days. Whether it is at school or at the workplace, the medium of language used for efficacious communication is English as we live in a world where we mingle with people of varied culture, tradition, country and language. English stands as the universal language and it improves the quality of life. Our tutors at AMMESS help the students to improve their language skills by motivating & making them workout practical sessions wherein they get the chance to speak, that gives them space and time to improve their language skills and mould their personality giving them the confidence to perform better in their interview.


Israel has always been one among those countries who are into the core of recruiting professionals as ‘caretakers’ and people in the medical field. Hebrew is the official language of Israel and the country is very strict with its laws on maintaining its culture and heritage. The Hebrew Scriptures are considered divine for the Christians and the Jews as it is the language of the bible. Whenever any candidate gets a chance for work option in Israel, it is a must that he/she should know the official language of Israel as the sponsors there ranging from homes to hospitals are very particular on effective communication in the Hebrew language. At AMMESS, we train candidates knowing the culture and heritage of Israel. We have kept Jewish trainers for training candidates to Israel so that our skilled workers are aware of the culture of Israel and they can get adapted to the employers without creating issues with them, thus maintaining peace and harmony. Our Hebrew faculty is a Jew and we are privileged to have him with us. Two of our admin staffs have also been working in Israel with a work experience of more than 15 years.